We are two children in a household,
like 318,100 other households in Israel.
I am one of 283,200 women
working in education.
I was born in Ethiopia and have an academic degree, like 55,400 other people in Israel.
I am one of 176,100 single women aged 25-34 in Israel.
I am one of 27,900 youngsters aged 15-17,
who worked in 2008.
We have been married for over 30 years,
like 917,900 other people in Israel.
I am one of 134,200 men
who studied in a yeshiva.
Welcome to Population Census Site
The pilot survey of the Population Census is underway
The Central Bureau of Statistics is currently preparing to conduct Israel's next Population Census. The previous Population Census was conducted in 2008, and the next one is planned for 2020.

The purpose of the Census is to provide a full, reliable picture of Israel's population and various characteristics, including demographic, social, and economic data about each locality in the country.
The Population Census is unique in that it can be used to investigate small and special population groups, and provide information about small geographic units.

In anticipation of the next Census, advance activities are planned for 2017-2018. Pilot surveys will be conducted in several localities around the country in order to test the Census methodology.

As will be the case in the Census, as part of the pilot survey process, CBS interviewers will conduct interviews face-to-face and via telephone. In an initial stage, interviewees will even be able to complete the questionnaire on the Internet. The pilot survey is expected to begin in 2017. In the first stage, CBS interviewers will record and document the buildings in the field, and at a later stage, the residents will be requested to cooperate in responding to the survey.

This survey is defined as a "statistical act incidental to a census" as in paragraph 13a in The Statistics Ordinance [New Version], 5732 - 1972.

The pilot survey will be conducted in the following 14 localities:
Even Yehuda
Or Yehuda
Hod Hasharon
Migdal Haemeq
Zur Yizhaq
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Tel Mond
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