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The Census Law
The Census Order or The Statistics Order (Population Census) - 2007 was issued in accordance with the Statistics Ordinance (New Version) - 1972, according to which the Central Bureau of Statistics operates, and with the signature of the then Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Olmert.

The Census Order determines the period of the census, the range of the census, the authority of the census statistician, the subjects of the census, who will reply to the census questionnaires, etc.

The Census Order is issued in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Statistics Ordinance, which determines that:

(a)  The Prime Minister may, in consultation with the Statistician and the Council, direct by order
      that a census of the population or of part thereof be taken in the State or in part thereof.

(b)  The census order shall prescribe the date of the census, the subjects to be included in the
      questionnaires, the persons of whom a census shall be taken, the persons who shall answer
      the questionnaires and any other matter the Prime Minister may see fit to prescribe for the
      efficient carrying out of the census.

Due to the Operation Cast Lead military campaign,the Census Ordinance was amended and
the census period was extended till 6.3.09.

pdf fileThe Census Order  pdf fileThe Statistics Ordinance

pdf fileAmendment to the Census Ordinance (Hebrew Only)
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