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5.12.2019 Annual National Statistical Conference, 2019 (Hebrew only)        
5.12.2019 Business Tendency Survey - November 2019    list of tables   
5.12.2019 Economic Globalization and Activities of Multinational Companies in Israel, 2014-2015    list of tables   
4.12.2019 Selected Data from the 2018 Social Survey about Volunteering For the International Volunteer Day, December 5, 2019    list of tables   
4.12.2019 Health and Social Profile of the Localities in Israel, 2011-2017    list of tables   
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 Published 15/01/2016 Last Month's Price Indices   xls Means of Computation and Linkage
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 Published 15/01/2016 Israel's Database of Prices and Price Indices

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Updated to 05/12/2019
CPI Base 2018=100  October 2019 101.2  
CPI Change on previous month  October 2019 0.4 %
Population at end of  October 2019 9,108.5 thousands
Percent of unemployed persons (seasonally adjusted)  October 2019 3.4 %
Number of job vacancies  October 2019 98,348  
Average monthly wages-Jobs of Israelis  September 2019 10,856 N.I.S.
Gross domestic product (GDP)  3 quarter 2019 355,058 N.I.S. millions
Consumer Confidence Survey  October 2019 -10.4 %
Total Business Tendency Balance  November 2019 20.4 %

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Population in Localities, 2017 (Hebrew only)
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Localities, Their Population and Additional Information
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