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23.1.2020 Road Accidents with Casualties in 2019    list of tables   
23.1.2020 Person-Nights at Tourist Hotels in 12019    list of tables   
23.1.2020 Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying Production: September-November 2019    list of tables   
23.1.2020 Revenue Indices of Total Economy (Standard Industrial Classification 2011) According to VAT Data - November 2019    list of tables   
19.1.2020 Israels Foreign Trade by Countries - 2019 Format Word  list of tables Format for Printing
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 Published 15/01/2016 Last Month's Price Indices   xls Means of Computation and Linkage
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 Published 15/01/2016 Israel's Database of Prices and Price Indices

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Updated to 19/01/2020
CPI Base 2018=100  December 2019 100.8  
CPI Change on previous month  December 2019 0.0 %
Population at end of  November 2019 9,124.2 thousands
Percent of unemployed persons (seasonally adjusted)  November 2019 3.9 %
Number of job vacancies  December 2019 98,760  
Average monthly wages-Jobs of Israelis  October 2019 10,501 N.I.S.
Gross domestic product (GDP)  3 quarter 2019 355,485 N.I.S. millions
Consumer Confidence Survey  December 2019 -10.3 %
Total Business Tendency Balance  December 2019 24.0 %

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